Social entrepreneurship have existed from time immemorial. However it has taken a different dimension as a new wave of entrepreneurship that is taken the entrepreneurial world by surprise because of its tremendous impact in our societies, communities and our world today.
We are living in a world full of social problems from crime, gang culture, arm robbery, global warming, environmental pollution, racism, bullying, terrorism, famine, hunger, war etc. However these social challenges are what social entrepreneurs are keen on finding solutions to.

However discussing social entrepreneurship with Ms. Chermiah Hart on “The Platform” Radio Talk Show on Fire Live Radio was an exceptional discussion. She is an award winning Public Artist, designer and CEO of Hart Culture and the interaction was one of the most engaging interviews I have had as she was very resourceful. Hart Culture as an organisation is about impacting the communities in London with the motto, “Inspiring Excellence In The Arts Through Local Communities”. It’s focus is on the minority in diaspora in London.

The main focus of Hart Culture is using arts and culture to inspire innovation and creativity in the business world and talent development in the boroughs of London. The fact is how can you bring culture in a creative way to create an identity to carve a niche market from your cultural perspective. For instance those of us in diaspora incorporating our cultural values in business, fashion sense and lifestyles to create a sense of identity will serve as a trademark for success. That is being proud of your language, background and identity is an augmentation of your products and services.

The first question to Chermiah was, how can one become a social entrepreneur? She said the world is full of social problems. Identify the problems you are passionate about in your local community and find solutions to those problems. The solutions from the social entrepreneurial perspective lies within the engagement of the communities the problems reside. She advised that the solutions to the problems can be from two different dimensions. First you can prevent the problem from starting in the first place or secondly you can find solution to an existing problem.

She emphasised on the fact that the problems the world is facing are caused by ourselves. Therefore through education, engagement with communities and discussion with stakeholders is the fundamental key in solving the issues affecting the community you operate. Moreover she reiterated the fact that these issues are pressing issues that no government can have solutions in its entirety. Therefore social entrepreneurs bridge the gap by finding suitable solutions to compliment the solutions provided by Governments in solving these endemic social problems in our world today.

Social entrepreneurship have come to stay in our world today and all we have to do is to support those people that have taken the initiative to impact our world by contributing to our societies in a tremendous way to make our world a better place for all of us. All of us our contribution to make this world heaven on earth is to influence our surroundings by breathing positive vibes in everything we do. We can only overcome the negativity engulfing our world today by preaching positive thinking, showing leadership by example and creating a conducive atmosphere for people to share their fears, worries, vulnerability and negative mentality. The fact is no matter the challenges we are facing in our world today, there is always a way out if we commit to finding lasting solutions to our problems. The solutions starts from me and you by starting to be responsible in our actions and decision makings and overtime the total effects of all these will create a synergy of positive vibes in our world.

The last word of Chermiah to our dear listeners was stay GOLDEN and learn to influence your world in a positive way.

Start today in building a strong and vibrant positive lifestyle and you will be amazed the number of people you will impact their lives for the better.




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Written by Oscar Bimpong

Oscar Bimpong is a Media Persona, Inspirational Speaker and an Entrepreneur. He is the current Double R.E.E.B.A (Regional Entrepreneur Empowerment Business Awards) Award Winner as the best Inspirational Speaker and Businessman of the Year held in London. He is currently a nominee of the prestigious National Diversity Awards (NDA) for Inspirational Person of the Year. He is also a member of the Black Speakers Network (BSN). He is the CEO of Train2inspire Consultancy, the brain behind the T2i Youth Mentorship Program and the International Final Year Students Summit (iFYSS). He has spoken on different media platforms to inspire our generation. Watch out for my new Radio Program dubbed 'The FootPrint' with Oscar Bimpong that will be aired on Starr Radio UK every thursday from 7pm -9pm. Oscar holds a Master’s Degree from the prestigious Cardiff Metropolitan University majoring in International Marketing Management and International Business. His understanding of today’s business climate makes him a force to reckon with. For further enquiries, please; call + (44) 7703 508552 or email oscar@train2inspireconsultancy.com and CC ostikay1234@gmail.com.