Inspirational Wisdom for Today (IWFT)

We are living in a world where CHANGE is permanent and INNOVATION is the driving force that manages change in any competitive market. The fact is you either adapt to change and at the same time learn to innovate or die.

Lack of innovative ideas has caused the extinction of many organisations and careers. To be ahead of the game, you need to build a hub for innovative ideas.

Our generation have grown to be sophisticated and hence innovation is the food that feeds this trend of sophistication.

Innovation is the new dimension of staying competitive. Continual innovation is the definition of standing out from the market.

Oscar Bimpong

Transformational Speaker & Business Consultant

Written by Oscar Bimpong

Oscar Bimpong is a Media Persona, Inspirational Speaker and an Entrepreneur. He is the current Double R.E.E.B.A (Regional Entrepreneur Empowerment Business Awards) Award Winner as the best Inspirational Speaker and Businessman of the Year held in London. He is currently a nominee of the prestigious National Diversity Awards (NDA) for Inspirational Person of the Year. He is also a member of the Black Speakers Network (BSN). He is the CEO of Train2inspire Consultancy, the brain behind the T2i Youth Mentorship Program and the International Final Year Students Summit (iFYSS). He has spoken on different media platforms to inspire our generation. Watch out for my new Radio Program dubbed 'The FootPrint' with Oscar Bimpong that will be aired on Starr Radio UK every thursday from 7pm -9pm. Oscar holds a Master’s Degree from the prestigious Cardiff Metropolitan University majoring in International Marketing Management and International Business. His understanding of today’s business climate makes him a force to reckon with. For further enquiries, please; call + (44) 7703 508552 or email and CC