Oscar is a true professional, he has helped transformed Big World Production by helping us to redefine our target market and also given us strategic tools that makes us competitive in the market we operate. His ideas,ability to transfer theory to practice and his ability to break down complex issues to come out with simple solutions is his ethos. Simply his team focuses on their clients needs and not that of theirs and this is what makes the difference.
Bernard Ofori
CEO / Big World Production / London
Oscar Bimpong is a household name in areas of training and inspiration. As an impeccable speaker, he has always thrilled his audience with words of motivation and inspiration. Being an ardent believer in fulfilling dreams and destiny, Oscar has created opportunities for numerous people who once gave up on their dreams to pick up the pieces and forge ahead to greater heights. He is indeed 'the reviver of hope'. Also I have seen Oscar carried out a range of training programmes aimed at maximising career prospects, productivity, profitability and growth. Countless individuals and organisations have benefited immensely from what Oscar's train2inspire consultancy offers. Oscar trains and supports with care and precision whilst focusing on adding value to the client.
Charles Asmah
CEO A PLuS Consult / London.
Oscar is passionate about assisting others to realise their potential to make it in life. He uses his personal interaction with professionals and experts in various specialised fields to disseminate relevant information and knowledge to his audience. He takes time to research his topics for discussion. He is focused and driven to achieve clearly defined goals for himself and those he seeks to assist. He delights in inspiring and motivating his listeners and viewers to dream big and fulfill their ambitions. He has specialised in using platforms such as Radio, Television and the Social Media to get his powerful and positive message across to his audience. In my opinion, there’s a brighter future for Oscar and those who follow the ideas and knowledge he shares with the world.
Rev. Cornelius Osei-Fosu
Senior Minister / Elim Pentecostal Church / London.
Oscar is truly an inspirational professional. He excels in promoting hot business topic and shares them with his audiences.
Joao Bocas
Chief Resilience Officer and CEO / Sports 13 / London
I had the honor of working with Oscar on his radio show. We connected through LinkedIn and discussed how we might bring value to his listeners. Oscar was very in tune with the topical issues that people are facing today. As a result of his knowledge we agreed on the topic of “bullying”. I was extremely impressed with the research that Oscar had done to prepare for this very topical issue. Needless to say the time just flew by as we discussed a number of the issues that pertained to the “bullying” topic. Oscar is the voice of the people and his large following is a testament to that. I hold him in the highest regard.
Doug Lawrence
President / TalentC® - People Services Inc. / Canada
It has been my pleasure to be invited to speak both on the radio and digital TV hosted by Oscar Bimpong. On both occasions we have spoken about the power of the mind. Oscar has a unique way of interviewing that makes you feel like you are just having a conversation but you are steered along a journey that unfolds for the listener. His enthusiasm, passion and knowledge shines through and makes every show an engaging and educational lesson for all listeners. Thank you Oscar for creating this space for learning and enlightenment.
Elaine Powell
Public Speaking Coach, Speaker, Host and MC / London
Oscar makes the world a better place one day at a time. He strives to help people achieve their God given talents and reminds us there is more to life than what is visually apparent.
Dr. Melissa Luke
Public Speaker and A Consumer Fraud Protection Expert / USA
Oscar has being a blessing to my Church every Sunday with his powerful and practical inspirational messages based on the principles of God. He delivers his message such that it uplifts the downhearted, inspires vision and translates it into a mission and drives accomplishment to people's lives. He has down training on career development and entrepreneurship with the Church on a series which has imparted the lives of the Church members and changed their mentality from impossibility to possibility. I will recommended Oscar for Your Church Empowerment and Growth as he understands the dynamics of Change to yield growth.
Rev. Joseph Adusei
Head Pastor / Praise Baptist Church / London.
Committed, diverse, confident, inspiring, reflective, talented, that's Oscar Bimpong! An incredible motivated individual carving out the path to his own Destiny. I've always said, 'Create your own Destiny', and I met Oscar for the first time on a credible Public Speaking platform where his talents quickly shone through. Then swiftly moving forward I was sitting in the 'Hot Seat' on Oscar's, radio talk show dubbed ‘The Platform' back in 2013. It is intelligible that Oscar is going places and inspiring those on route. A pleasure working with such a creative, forward thinking and positive minded person.
Joe Brafo-White
CEO / Global Venture Consortium Ltd/London
Oscar is a very bold and courageous role model, he really is an inspiration to anyone who desires to go after their dreams, the passion to motivate and encourage others is a gift that God has blessed him with and he is definitely a blessing to our generation.
Channelle White
Miss Ghana UK 2nd Runner Up and Miss Eloquence 2014 / London
I have know Oscar for more than 10 years having attended the same University. I have watched him develop his media skills over the years. I was very proud of him when he interviewed me on his Radio Talk show where we discussed leadership in 21st Century. His professionalism and passion for excellence is highly commendable.
Dr. John Kissi
Motivational Teacher and Chartered Civil Engineer /London
I am impressed by Oscar’s determination to pave a way, where others may think there is no way. In particular, Oscar’s vision to extend his media platform from Fire Live Radio to Zipped TV is an astounding success! This is also a fine example to all that it is absolutely possible to achieve (what some may consider to be) your wildest dreams. Through his engagement of interesting guests, Oscar ensures ordinary, everyday people can access motivational content that contributes to their best development. I find Oscar Bimpong to be an exceptional leader, inspirational speaker, visionary and most of all - a trail blazer and model of success.
Rebecca Gordon
CEO of Satellite Life Coaching and Professional Development Training / UK
Oscar is a force of nature ~ inspiring us and teaching with examples of how to exceed the expectations we have for ourselves as business and motivational leaders.
Connie Pheiff
Certified Coach, Speaker and Author / USA
It was a privilege working with Oscar during our Post-Graduate programme. He is methodical, organised and very creative. His ability to gather information and make reasonable contribution is usually appreciated. You could always count on Oscar for his judgment during the crucial times of any group work. I was always in admiration concerning the creativity and innovation he contributed to our work. He had a propensity for thinking outside the box and turning ideas from paper into reality. He is reliable and does above and beyond what was required of him. His calm and uncompetitive work style won him great respect and several friends during our collegiate period. I have also had several interview sessions on his radio and TV programmes. Oscar brings a level of sophistication not often seen in Radio and TV Interview. His presentation skills are amazing and exemplary, as can be witnessed by his many successful shows. His ability to articulate made him a priceless asset both to Fire Life Radio and Zipped TV. He can connect with and inspire wide-ranging audiences. His audience is always left boisterous and well informed. He is a "go to guy" for his knowledge of the industry, his understanding of his chosen field, the originality of his ideas and the thorough execution of his plans. Oscar is one of the most thoughtful, well-informed professional people in TV presenting; consummate and passionate. His keen eye for detail and diligence has been key factors in positioning him as a leading TV Host. He understands intricate issues and can ingeniously present them in a simple, yet engaging manner. Before his audience, Oscar is a statesman: an avid listener, who is always seeking a mutual ground. He knows how to brief and address inquiries with remarkable clarity and accuracy and relates well with his guests and core audience. You can always count on Oscar to do a superb job and wow the audience at the same time. With his colleagues, he is a collaborative team player and works very well with diverse groups of people. He is very fun to work with. Past his role, he is always ready to help where needed. I have learnt a lot from the way he leads. What spoke loudest in regards to the quality of Oscar's leadership, was the trust and loyalty he provoked in his team. He has this exceptional ability to focus on the details without micromanaging. He can be relied upon to mobilize the needed resources, motivate stakeholders, lead multi-functional projects diligently, and through example, make sure things get done in a timely manner with excellent results. Oscar’s relentless creativity and dexterity allow him to build effective and impactful thought leadership. Whether Oscar is on or off air, he has always performed at a high standard with unwavering enthusiasm and commitment. He follows up phone and in-person meetings with clear, timely, and detailed documentation. He is savvy, inspirational, intelligent, entertaining, confident, forward-looking and persuasive. Oscar possesses all these broad attribute and skill sets in volume. Oscar is a great guy - smart, organized, creative and dedicated. He is also technically proficient and down to earth. He is sincerely a very nice person, friend, and colleague. I have enjoyed all of our encounters.
Sam O Adewunmi
Pastor, Author and CEO / ICBAG / London
I have had the privilege to be one of the guest on Oscar Bimpong's radio program. Oscar has really identified his gift and successfully using it to impact and change the mindset of many people. Oscar Bimpong is truly an inspirational person.
Obed Kingful
Author, Entrepreneur, founder and CEO / Obeliver Drinks Limited / London
Oscar is a man who understands the business world. Train2inspire Consultancy have partnered with Zipped Multimedia in providing business training for all our staff. His team have inspired enthusiasm in all departments from the Television, Radio and Photography section in areas of Customer Service, Sales, Leadership and Management Training. Their training programs are not theory based but very practical from the perspective of meeting our needs and inspires our teams to meet targets. Our sales have increased by 50% over the last six months. Hence I will recommend Train2inspire Consultancy to any company that is finding it difficult to meet targets. On a personal note, his organisational skills, passion, dedication,desire and his strong mentality to succeed breathes a fresh air that ignites a new passion in me whenever I come into contact with him. You can call on Oscar at anytime and he will respond. He is ever ready to help and will always push you to get things done. Try him and I can assure you will never regret engaging him. Moreover his TV Program dubbed 'The Next Level' is a true success on Zipped TV and it has raised our viewership and contact list.It is a blessing to know such a young man who is passionate about helping other people to succeed.
Mary Lartey
CEO / Zipped Multimedia / London
I have been working with Oscar for a number of years now and have had the pleasure of being on numerous of his radio and TV programmes. It is down to Oscar’s passion and dedication for his listeners, that the programmes went so well. Oscar made me feel so at ease and relaxed. In preparing for the programmes, he kept me on my toes in order to make sure that the viewers and listeners get the maximum value possible. His preparation and briefings are second to none. I consider myself very privileged to work with Oscar.
Peter Gerlach
Peter Gerlach, Founder and CEO of The Gerlach Group / London
These days, it is very difficult to come across an individual who is committed in elevating or generating an excellence in their work and still remain very humbled. I have known Oscar for more than two years now and have been interviewed on his platform several times and I must admit he does his work with a great spirit of excellence, passion driven and purpose determined. It is always a great joy coming on his platform (THE NEXT LEVEL) to share knowledge and relevant information. Oscar is not just a host but a world class interviewer who when he post a question, you need to ignite the power of your creative mind to answer him correctly. Hardwork is the watchword for Oscar and I wish him well in everything he does.
Ferdinard Lawson
Ferdinard Lawson Author and motivational Speaker / London